Majestic World of Business

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Need Statement
Most brands and organisations only operate locally with no global presence. Such brands need the service of a global strategist.We offer what you need; multimedia and I.T. Strategies that places you on a global landscape while you operate locally to provide your service(s) and/or product(s) to your target market across the globe.

Value Statement 
A commitment to:
Creativity & Relevance 
Innovation and 
Winning Strategies

Mission Statement
We Imagine the Unimaginable to Create Excellent and Precise Solutions for Your I.T. and Multimedia Needs.

Vision Statement
Our focus is to impact Your World and the World of Your coming Generation with Creative Global Strategies.

Strategy Statement
Our strategies include:
Creating inspiring Designs (Graphics, Websites, Concept)
Offering mind blowing Multimedia (Presentations, Animations, Montages, Footages, etc)
Leading Mobile Content provision for phones, i-pods, blackberries, i-phones, etc in Nigeria, Africa, Europe & America
Engaging in excellent TV & Radio services (Broadcasts, Commercials)
Offering Broadband Internet Provision
Engaging in I.T. Services (sales, networking, maintenance)
Creating PR and Advertising platforms
Delivering unique Printing & Publishing services
Doing Digital Photo & Image Processing

Global Strategy Statement
Our Global Strategy is to exploit and export MWB’s brand content around the globe through all formats, including mobile technologies, magazines, television, books, DVDs, audio books, merchandise, downloads, and other emerging digital media (such as Internet Protocol TV).